Learn about your business' goals, potential hurdles, and define target customers.

The first stage of our process is a Discovery Session with the client. During this session, we work together to define the brand attributes, target customer user profiles, and the overall business goals and the role we can play in helping achieve them.



Create Stylescapes to visually dictate the brand's future direction.

Equipped with a thorough understanding of the business' attributes, goals and values, we now translate this into a visual direction through Stylescapes. These are a highly curated collection of 'found' images that gives the client a high-fidelity glimpse into what their brand could look like in the future. This is crucial as it allows everyone involved in the project to have a shared aesthetic vocabulary moving forward, so if a business wants to appear as 'Empowering', 'Progressive', and 'Passionate', we have an aesthetic representation of what that means.



Sketch wireframes and prototypes, and map out the required content, creating a blueprint.

The main planning phase of the build where wireframes and prototypes are sketched out. These are used as a blueprint for the rest of the project and the work produced in this phase has a purposefully low-fidelity feel to allow us to focus on structure, flow, and content, instead of aesthetics.



Apply the visual design to the blueprint, and bring the project to life aesthetically.

This is where we take the visual direction defined in the stylescapes and pair it with the blueprint created when planning. It’s at this stage when the project really starts coming to life.



Build the final product.

The last stage in our process is the build. This is when we translate our visual design into a polished brand identity system, final artwork piece, or real working website. Any other required collateral will be finalised in this phase as well.



Launch your product to be unveiled to the world.

Finally, we can release the finished product, ready for distribution and publication.
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