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Strategy is all about finding the heart and soul of a business and then positioning it directly to its true audience.
We can think of strategy as the foundation in which we build long-term plans that are achievable and focused, yet still flexible enough to account for change and opportunities that may arise.
This is created through a Discovery session, which is a one day workshop with the client where we'll go through a range of exercises from defining a clear mission statement and user personas, to goal prioritisation and customer journey mapping.
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There are a lot of businesses out there with great products, ideas, and services, who all face the same challenge when it comes to conveying their offering to customers in an impactful manner.
Whilst you can have an incredible product or service, if there’s no emphasis placed into the brand behind it, providing an engaging experience becomes incredibly difficult.
When thinking about ‘Branding’, it’s important to not only think of this as being a nice logo, colour palette or typeface — your brand is every single touchpoint that your customers interact with. It’s how they feel when they engage with you, and how you meaningfully convey your businesses, beliefs and personality. When paired correctly, a great brand will elevate a product or service to be undeniably captivating, empowering to your customers and become a part of their every day lives.
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Great design is always a perfect balance of function and aesthetics. If it looks appealing but doesn't guide you to the appropriate objective, the balance is off.
At its core, design is about making improvements and finding a solution in the most elegant and streamlined manner.
Strategy defines the objective and the design guides us there. Basing aesthetics on a well thought-out plan will ensure the perfect balance that we're striving for is achieved. This is how we can see the importance of strategy when it comes to design.
Well thought-out design leads to seamless and delightful experiences for your brand and customers.
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