1. Discover

Getting to know our client & their needs

Day one of the sprint was focused on drilling into the core of Half Dome’s business, and working out what questions we’d be looking to solve with the new branding and website. During this session we defined their future goals; such as being considered to be one of the top marketing agencies in Australia. In order to achieve this, we explored the hurdles they'd have to overcome, such as attracting high-calibre staff and showcasing their expertise without shouting.

2. Style

Translating brand language into a visual Stylescape

Equipped with a thorough understanding of the business, we were able to move onto translating their brand into Stylescapes, which is a highly curated collection of 'found' images. This helps us and the client envision what their brand could look like in the future. Each of the three Stylescapes we presented explored different directions.

Option 1 — Minimalist & Modern
Option 2 — Bright & Playful
Option 3 — Softer & Approachable

Half Dome wanted to refine Option 3 from the first round, with option 3, as it contained the right balance of confidence and humility with a unique yet flexible colour palette. After some minor changes with colour and texture, the final Stylescape was approved.

Final Stylescape

3. Plan

Sketch wireframes and map out the website's blueprint

In order to start building a wireframe design, we first delved a little deeper into mapping customer journeys, outlining end-goals and exploring how this could result in the best user experience. At this stage, we worked closely with the client, sketching out ideas and developing a sitemap together. The benefit of this approach results in the focus being placed on the structural composition of the website first, without becoming distracted by the visuals prematurely. This allows us to be crystal clear with what the site needs to communicate from an informational perspective.

4. Design

Designing the brandmark and website

We used the approved Stylescape as a launching pad for the creation of Half Dome’s brand identity. Our team explored various brandmark solutions and presented three different options to the client in the first round. These designs focused on the use of minimal shapes and letterforms.


Following feedback from this round, we presented another three options, this time focussing purely on typography, and disregarding the need for an icon or motif to be present.

The chosen brandmark ended up being designed as a flexible identity system with a number of different configurations.


Once the client had approved the wireframe structure for the website, our team went to work evolving the basic layout into a refined visual representation of the site. This is when the project really starts coming to life, as we begin to explore elements that work alongside the brandmark — making sure everything is still inline with the original Styescape. An important aspect of the design was to find the best representation of their planning process, 'Thinking–Planning–Doing', as this was a core part of what made their business unique. We explored a few different methods before landing on the use of interactive shapes to provide a simple yet elegant solution.

5. Assemble

Building the website in Webflow

The last stage in the process was the site build. This is when we translate our visual design into a real, working website. It’s here where we looked into enhanced UI and interactivity opportunities throughout the site, and added other flourishes such as as quirky animated icons and moving brand shapes.

6. Deliver

Website and branding launch

Finally, we released the finished product to the world and supported Half Dome through their launch of the new rebrand. Half Dome were a fantastic, collaborative client to work with throughout the design sprint and our studio process.

Start Beyond
Start Beyond
Start Beyond are creators of immersive spatial learning experiences in VR & AR who enlisted our team to help build a website as dynamic and engaging as their products. Start Beyond already had their branding guidelines established and were seeking our services to primarily focus on the website design and build.
Half Dome
Half Dome
After a few years of solid growth, Half Dome felt that it was time for a re-brand and new website. Expanding in such a rapid manner had led to a brand inconsistency across their collaterals, and a website that no longer accurately represented the scope or calibre of their work. Vaulter worked intensively with the Half Dome team over a week-long sprint to dig deep and create a new identity system and website to help drive the brand forward.
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